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Jun 13

What is Love?

Posted by Executive Matchmaker Romella Battle

hold tight 


According to about.com the definition of dating is the object of two people getting to know each other on different levels including romance. Clearly if you are dating someone it implies you are interested in more than just a friendship or a casual relationship. You are aiming to learn any and every thing about that person because there is an intention to progress as a unit instead of one. Dating is looked upon as a positive reflection but is it something that can be abused? 



New and profound love can be so refreshing and fulfilling that a person can appear to be stuck in the clouds. Along with the idea of love being so fresh and new, comes the object of affection; since the aspects of dating or being in a relationship are fresh and innovative. This is the stage where the desire or want to constantly be around a person is at an all time high.
Love can place people in such a positive aura leading them to express their feelings and emotions at all causes, even in the public eye. When love hits the air, people will know it and may even see it. Rather it’s a kiss on the cheek, a bouquet of flowers, a surprise get-a-way or romantic evening, the expression of feelings can run really deep.



Within these deep feelings, new and profound love will  seem to be one of the things a person will think about. Rather it’s your dream girl or guy, whenever you’re around them, the expression of feelings is clear in sight.





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