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Jan 22

25 days left until Valentine's Day!

Posted by Executive Matchmaker Romella Battle

In honor of the days left before Valentine’s Day, our matchmaker, Romella Battle, will be putting up a lesson for each day remaining.

25 Days left until Valentine’s Day, to attracting your ideal mate! A lesson for each day.
Lesson 2, Be clear about what you want:  People enter relationships for a number of varying reasons. One person’s objective may be to meet their soul mate and another may be focused on the ultimate goal of initiating a sexual encounter. Failure to recognize and understand each other’s motives can often lead people to getting into a relationship that is based on very different needs and wants, which ultimately causes relationships to fail. Leaving behind clear lessons to remember, with the lingering feelings of hurt, pain, anger and regret along with thoughts that you have wasted your time.
Don’t misunderstand me: meeting people, flirting and dating is tremendously exciting and is an essential and wonderful part of life, but when the chemistry is flowing, that passion can sometimes overpower our reasoning and decisions in determining whether this person is the truly all that they appear to be. As abrupt as it may seem, it is imperative that you make it your first objective to make sure a possible potential-mate of interest understands what you want and need; Whether it relates to sex, love, passion or friendship. Don’t be afraid to lay it out on the table; Why? Your love life is not a game, don’t use your poker face in the beginning and hold back your best hand. Because ultimately the joke may be on you!
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