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Mar 14

BFF Versus Significant Other

Posted by Executive Matchmaker Romella Battle

We’ve all been in that situation where your female significant other asks you about your best friend… your male best friend (or vice versa). Where does it lead to? She or he may simply be curious about your best friend or she or he may be feeling a little cautious or threatened.


There have been situations where a man has gotten angry, jealous or insecure that his significant other is best friends with another male (vice versa where a woman is angry that her significant other is bffs with another female). One possible solution that you could try is to actually introduce the two and to integrate your social lives together. Only do this if both parties are open because forced to be together in the same space will not help at all. However, they may end up becoming great friends and all problems should be solved from there! Another solution is to calmly discuss it with your partner and ask what he or she needs from you. He or she may just need assurance! After all, as long as you are honest, communicating and trustworthy, then your partner should not be worried about you at all.


Do you have any suggestions? It’s a hard and potentially difficult situation but if you can find a way that works for both your partner and your best friend, then great! Share your tips and opinions!


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