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Oct 31

Halloween Date Night For Singles

Posted by Executive Matchmaker Romella Battle

punkin Going out with someone on Halloween is a great way to ensure an atmosphere that is absolutely perfect for love. It may seem ironic that a holiday dedicated to monsters and ghouls could be romantic, but everyone knows that the best date movie is one which will scare your partner right into your arms.


At Halloween there are also a variety of exciting date idea’s, without having to go to a lot of trouble or expense. Some ideas include:



– Going to a Haunted House: Most communities have organizations such as schools or local cubs that set up haunted houses for the public at little or no cost


– Go to a Scary Movie: Horror movie makers schedule the release of the best movies for late October. Those who don’t, usually schedule the release of the DVD’s around this time


– Halloween Parties: A lot of people throw big monster mash balls to celebrate the holiday. Check your local bulletin or ask around.


– Major Public Events: Aside from haunted houses, communities will often throw parades, fairs, or carnivals for Halloween. One of the most famous is the parade held in Greenwich Village NY each year;


The bottom line is, Halloween is a great night for a date. The atmosphere is already inspired with excitement and fear, and the evening is usually full of built in activities which are fun and inexpensive. Best of all, people tend to be more uninhibited when dressed in a fantasy costume, so you never know what might happen next.

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