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Mar 16

Loving What You Do or Your Partner

Posted by Executive Matchmaker Romella Battle

What if your partner tries to make you stop doing something that you love? What do you do in this situation?


I understand and relate to this situation. A few years ago, one of my ex-significant others did not want me to be so involved in dancing (I love it! I still do it to this day) but we were both going to different colleges then and dance was a huge part of my college life. It was hard to keep up with everything in my life but the fact that he was trying to keep me from doing what I loved led into arguments and fights. We ended up drifting apart and we eventually had little to no contact at all with each other.


In this type of situation, compromise, communication and trust is completely necessary. When one partner is unwilling to hear out and discuss what the other partner thinks, it turns into a difficult and potentially disastrous situation. If the activity or subject is actually really hurting your partner and your relationship, you have to ask the hard question: is this worth potentially losing someone I like or love? If the answer is no, then you may have to reorganize your priorities and commitments. I am not suggesting that you have to completely lose yourself or change yourself for your significant other, but relationships do require some compromises and sacrifices at times. It is definitely a difficult situation.


So what if your partner asks you to stop doing something that you love? Have you been through this kind of problem before?

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