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Mar 10

5 Ways to Switch it Up!

Posted by Executive Matchmaker Romella Battle

Tired of doing the same date every Friday night? Switch it up! Use some of these ideas to get out of your bubble with your partner.


1) Have a DIY dinner. You can try having a taco bar, a sundae bar, a pizza kit, a pasta maker- any of these you can create in your own kitchen! If you both have fun doing this, it will bring you closer! If there so happens to be a food fight that breaks out, why not? ;)


2) Visit open houses and fantasize about buying your dream house. If you are in the more serious phase with your partner, this will be fun to do with him or her and lets you both look at your future and what’s ahead for both of you.


3) Go to an amusement park or a water park or a park in general. It’ll bring back childhood memories and who doesn’t like running around to hit up all the roller coaster rides or water rides? Even racing to see who can swing the highest will make you and your partner have fun.


4) Play around-the-world cocktails. I may just try this idea sometime! Sample a specialty drink from a wine bar, a beer from a pub, and continue on! Don’t forget to take a taxi though!


5) Do a couples massage at a nice spa. Both of you will be relaxed and pampered to take on the town after!


Hopefully these dates will help you get out of the house more or out of your routine! Don’t be afraid to get out of your everyday routine and try different things with your partner! If you don’t enjoy one experience, move on the next!

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