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PDA! Yes or No?

Posted on: February 23rd, 2013 by Executive Matchmaker Romella Battle

Chemistry.com gathered data and found out the top 10 cities that are comfortable with PDA (aka public displays of affection) and the top 10 that dislike seeing PDA. Personally, I don’t mind a small peck, holding hands, and PDA but if I see a couple making out while one person is sitting on top of another at a bus stop where there’s other people around, then I think “get a room”. I think that couples should show each other what they mean to each other but it doesn’t mean that everyone has to see you two grope each other while trying to mind their own business in public!

The top 10 cities most comfortable with PDA:
1. Honolulu, HI
2. Pittsburgh, PA
3. Lexington, KY
4. Charleston, WV
5. New York, NY
6. Fresno, CA
7. Waco, TX
8. Cedar Rapids, IA
9. Syracuse, NY
10. Des Moines, IA

Honestly, I found the above list surprising! I thought that there would be more known cities on this list. I’m not saying that these cities are less popular but reading this list shocked me because I guessed at least 3 cities that I thought would be on this list and none made it.

The top 10 cities least comfortable with PDA:
91. Reno, NV
92. Las Vegas. NV
93. Seattle, WA
94. Orlando, FL
95. Miami, FL
96. Phoenix, AZ
97. Denver, CO
98. Tampa, FL
99. West Palm Beach, FL
100. Ft. Meyers

Again, this list was also surprising! Even though Florida is such a beach state with a good majority of people showing their skin with their teeny bikinis or their short swim trunks, they have 5 cities in Florida alone (shocker! What?!) ranked in the top 10 cities disliking PDA. Blew my mind…

This honestly turned my mind upside down. I did not think I’d be so off with my guesses but I was entirely off… do you have any theories why these cities ended up on their respective lists? I have no clue…

New Year’s Resolutions

Posted on: January 4th, 2013 by Executive Matchmaker Romella Battle 18 Comments

Are any of you planning on making some New Year’s resolutions that have
to do with finding a possible new significant other? No shame, I’m right there
with you! If you do usually make some resolutions, do you end up keeping them?
Not going to lie, it’s hard to absolutely stick to something.

To help you, here are some resolutions that you can maybe even use as your own!

**Disclaimer: I found these off an article and the link is below.
1) Smile and say “hi” more often (Sometimes it’s hard to say hello to a
complete stranger, especially the one stranger that makes your heart beat
faster. Make that effort to not lose eye contact and say a simple hello. That
might make the difference in him wanting to talk to you and may even result in
a future date!)
2) Give your dates a chance. (Sometimes the first date with someone may turn
out horribly. Maybe the other person is more nervous than you! Take two dates
before you make a decision because it may turn out that the person is the right
person for you.)
3) Set relationship boundaries (Set boundaries for people who drain your time
and energy because relationships are give and take- not a give and give, or a
take and take. You need your own time and energy for yourself to be happy!)
4) Create your own dating rules (I totally agree with this! Even though society
has set rules about women and men just starting out in relationships, you have
to trust your own gut and instincts. You call them if you want to, don’t just
wait around for him or her to call you! You do what you want.)

Instead of setting some resolutions for you that may be considered a big goal
at first, set some small ones. Instead of telling yourself that you will find
the one for you in the next year, tell yourself that you will start being more
outgoing when you go out with friends. Go out of the way to strike up a small
conversation with that person you find attractive wherever you are. By doing
small things like that, it will build you up in self-confidence to take the
bigger step to date serious contenders that could possibly become your future

Good luck and have fun! :)

**Article from above: http://dating.about.com/od/winterholidays/tp/newyearsresolutionsforsingles.htm