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Crazy Dating Trends- Please Go Away?

Posted on: January 12th, 2013 by Executive Matchmaker Romella Battle

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There are always some wacky dating trends** that come and go every year that make finding love a journey. The following may sound like “oh okay, I’ve heard of that…” and some may make you go “WHOA! Alright. Never heard of that before…” (Believe me, same reactions on this end!)

Brace yourself for the following…

1) Pheromone parties (These are parties that are basically smell-based for singles… the party members would take their sweaty t-shirts there so other singles could sniff out the one for them. I understand the power of smell but… why?)
2) Ghost dating (“Ghost daters” are basically like ghost writers- they help their client by writing their profiles, writing their emails and sometimes even having conversations with potential partners for them. Yes, it may take off the workload but it’s not really you connecting with them!
3) Building your dream partner (There is a dating site iDreamofU.com that lets their users to basically create their dream guy or girl with customizations from facial hair to personality. Just a reality check: you can create your dream guy but that’s not helping you FIND your dream guy!)
4) Faux girlfriends (There is another site, GirlfriendHire.com, which has a “girlfriend-for-pay” service, where available women perform “girlfriend-like-services” for a small fee for services such as “break up with me over text message” and more. There is even
another guy in Manhattan that offers his own boyfriend services called “Rent-A-Get”.
I think this is kind of cool but again… why?)
5) Furry dating (This is for those who enjoy wearing animal costumes in their spare time. There are sites like “FurryMate.com” that make it easy to find someone who also likes to do the same thing. Cute? I have nothing else I can say about this.)
6) Zombie dating (There was first vampire dating, and now zombie dating! There’s some zombie dating websites that have popped up lately and now there are couples that are into this fad. I enjoy watching vampire and zombie movies/TV series but not to this extent…)
7) Professional wing-dating (There is a site in Los Angeles called “Professional Wing Girls” where the service rents out models, actresses or good-looking girls to help guys find dates and be their “wing man”. Forget your guy bff, you get this attractive female to
help you swoon someone!)
8) The Pre-Prenup (This was popularized by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his significant other, Priscilla Chan. While they were dating, Chan wrote up a contract that included that they have at least one date night a week. You go Chan.)
9) Face Matching (Wanted to date your doppelganger or someone who looks like you? There’s a dating site called “FindYourFaceMate.com” that helps you make this come true. The aim of this is to match people based on how similar the face features are. I think that couples actually start to look like each other the longer they’re dating… so I get that for free.)
10) Doomsday Dating (Before we all found out that the world was NOT going to end at the end of 2012, there were singles desperately looking for a partner because of the end of the world. The doomsday dating site “Survivalistsingles.com” hopped up in numbers 4x. The site’s slogan says it all: “Find love for less than the price of a box for bullets.” Um, what?!)

**For more crazy dating trends, check out the article where these are from: http://living.msn.com/love-relationships/crazy-dating-trends-we-hope-go-away#1