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The Balance

Posted on: July 13th, 2013 by Executive Matchmaker Romella Battle



How important is the physicality in a relationship? Can it be the making or breaking point at times or is it somewhat unnoticed?


Physical intimacy is very important within a relationship. Sure it may need other aspects to aide and support the notion but let alone it is still important. For those who have been in relationships or commitments for years will explain how keeping the fire burning can be a very challenging situation at times but without it a glitch can arise within your relationship.



Most women are naturally in tune with their emotions leading them to be strong in that aspect; even thought they can be looked upon as emotional beings. This is why they look forward to the emotional bond being shared within a relationship but love to combine the emotional and the physical.  Men also can be very in tuned with their emotions but are not as easily shown like those of a woman. Men are truly physical beings but a man who can combined both aspects within a relationship will truly make his lady happy.




A relationship should entail many characteristics such as commitment, loyalty, trust but don’t forget the adventure, enjoyment, excitement and keeping things feeling fresh and new those are the key things to elongating a relationship. You wouldn’t let a rose bush just shrivel and die you care for it so it can blossom and grow.  










Lack of Emotional Intimacy

Posted on: May 29th, 2013 by Executive Matchmaker Romella Battle
Where does your emotional intimacy lie?

Where does your emotional intimacy lie?


Emotional intimacy has been crowned as one of the key factors to a successful relationship.


This method takes place when the levels of communication and trust are in sync with one another, which can be seen as a positive or negative. When distributed correctly, the result of great emotional intimacy brings a realm of bliss to a relationship. The lack of emotional intimacy can lead to the destruction and failure of a relationship and this is because, the couple are not on the same level and willing to work together.


Majority of the time, emotional intimacy is confused with physical intimacy (physicality) which brings forth a lot of miscommunication and false interpretation in a relationship. Naturally people can confuse the two by connecting the idea of sharing something personal between two people. The confusion leads to the gateway of failure and lack of one or the other i.e. high divorce rates, uncommitted relationships, lack of trust, etc.


Though it is different, physical attraction and physical intimacy are important factors within a romantic relationship as well but sometimes it overshadows the importance of emotional intimacy. Yes the physical aspect in a relationship is key but a lack of emotion will truly leave a bond high and dry.


When a relationship represents extensive levels of communication, love, loyalty, trust and understanding allows a couple to contribute to their most special feelings with one another; building their different levels of intimacy rather it is physical or emotional.


Believe it or not to be emotional connection with someone takes a lot. You have to be secure within yourself and be in tune with the emotions, thoughts, flaws and all because without it, a connection with someone else is almost impossible. By doing this, it will bring you to a level where you are able to share and connect with your significant other all by building your emotional levels of intimacy.