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Dating Do's and Don’ts!

Posted on: January 12th, 2013 by Executive Matchmaker Romella Battle

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Here are some dating do’s and don’ts**!

1) DO expect to meet people in unexpected places! (Keep your eyes and mind open at all times because you could meet your soul mate absolutely everywhere instead of somewhere you get all dressed up for!)
2) DO have the following mentality: Look good, feel good. If you feel like you don’t look good, be confident in yourself anyways! (I feel like if I look good, I feel good also. But even if I’m thinking that I don’t look cute in this outfit that I just threw on right now, work it anyways! Be confident in yourself because that’s going to be the thing that will catch someone’s attention.)
3) DO be confident and make the first move. (It looks like men really are attracted to women who make the first move. It shows confidence which is a turn-on for them. On the other hand, men who make the first move on a woman is also nice too. Doesn’t hurt!)
4) If you’re trying online dating, DON’T limit your expectations to the cut. (Those free dating websites are a hit or a miss. Expand your limitations! You can make the height you’re looking for in someone, 2 inches below or higher, or 2 years older or younger. Don’t limit yourself. On the other hand, if you want exactly what you’re looking for, try a different site- it may cost more, but it may just get you what you want.)
5) DO be yourself. DON’T pretend otherwise. (Being yourself is important in every relationship. Don’t lie about yourself on online dating websites because the person could match up with your pretend personality instead of your real personality.)
6) DO let yourself be wooed by your mate. (Be treated like a lady or a gentleman. If he/she likes you, they will do things for you, whether it be little or big things.)
7) DON’T go too far on dressing sexy. (Of course you want to look good but don’t go overboard! Dress up but remember to be classy not trashy. Recommendation: 20 to 30 percent sexy… leave something for their imagination! If you’re going out in a t-shirt and jeans, it had better be a classy t-shirt and extremely nice jeans and you both planned to be in a casual atmosphere!)
8) DO listen to the person sitting across from you on the date. (Really listen to your date. They will be telling you all you need to know about him in the future. If the person is: a mama’s boy, a whiny girl who needs attention 24/7 or unavailable- you will be saving a lot of heartache later on!)
9) DO flirt. (There’s no harm in trying to flirt. If the person being flirted with is unavailable, they should make it clear that they are. Make eye contact and smile! If the person is interested, they will do something about it. If not, then just move on with your day. There’s plenty of fish in the sea ;).)
10) DON’T forget your manners- be polite and be classy. (Please and thank you’s are always welcomed and appreciated. I always notice if someone does not say thank you if I had just helped them or did them a favor or just something that requires a thank you by good mannerisms. Trust me, it’s better if you do it.)

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**For even more dos and don’ts (and the inspiration behind my piece), visit: http://living.msn.com/love-relationships/love-sex/50-dating-dos-and-don%e2%80%99ts#10