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Meeting the Parents – When, Where, How?

Posted on: March 12th, 2013 by Executive Matchmaker Romella Battle

You’re in a serious and committed relationship with your partner. So now, when is it appropriate to introduce your significant other to your parents?


Honestly, I can’t say that there’s a certain time frame. It depends on your gut feeling and when your partner is open and comfortable with meeting your parents. Forcing your parents or your significant other to meet each other may not end well because of anxiety, awkwardness or they may just not be prepared.


Some couples may be faster than other couples but every couple is different so one cannot base it on what other couples choose to do. Some tips would be to make sure that each person is in a comfortable environment (if your parents are more of the make-dinner-at-home-for-everyone type, then invite your partner over to their house for a nice dinner!), prepare and give advance warning for both your parents and your partner, and some tips for both parties would not be a bad idea either.


What were some of your experiences? Have you had any good stories or tips to tell? Let us know!