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Single? Want to date? Go to these cities!

Posted on: February 5th, 2013 by Executive Matchmaker Romella Battle

If you’ve ever been curious about the best cities for dating, here are the top 10 ranked for being dating-friendly!

1) Austin, Texas: In this state, the singles like to go out and dance at one of the numerous live-music venues or one of the nightlife hotbeds. With its year-round sunshine and the great outdoors, Austin is one of the cities with singles making more than half the local population.
2) Boston: Number 2 on the list, this is where you and your date can enjoy the popular pub scene, catch a baseball game at Fenway Park or try out the food among the youthful liveliness of undergrads or post-grad singles in this popular educational hub.
3) Chicago: Made for dating! With the renowned art museums, comedy clubs, theaters and Wrigley Field, you can end your date in this city with some deep-dish pizza.
4) Miami: Number 4 is sunny Miami with its sandy beaches and sexy locals who enjoy
the sizzling nightlife scene and enjoying the beachfront- perfect for tropically-inspired dates.
5) New Orleans: Head here where you can visit the French Quarter or their legendary music venues and eat some powdery beignets.
6) New York City: The Big Apple is big on dating with the hip New Yorkers. There are boundless options for where to go for a date night- music clubs, museums, bars, Broadway, top-ranked restaurants. Manhattan seems designed with matchmaking mind.
7) Phoenix and Scottsdale: These two cities are bordered next to each other. They are number seven with their beautiful nature and outdoors. Many active singles would fit in perfectly here.
8) San Diego: With its endless summer weather, beach culture and hip nightlife scene, San Diego is primed to be on the list of the best cities for dating.
9) San Francisco: This city is not to be forgotten as California’s cultural capitol with its acceptance of creative and diverse individuals with its wondrous bay view. Check out the popular tourist spots such as Alcatraz, Haight Street, Golden Gate Park and more!
10) Seattle: The last city on this list is coffeehouse Seattle with its views, nature-filled or bird’s eye-view on top of the Space Needle.

I got this idea and tips from this article here (click to read more!). All credits to them.

Meeting the parents!

Posted on: December 22nd, 2012 by Executive Matchmaker Romella Battle

Was it horrifying? Was it easy? For those who have met your significant other’s parents, let us know!

From my personal experience, my family already knew one of my ex-boyfriend’s parents because we had been family friends. So check “meeting his parents” off that list! However, there was another ex-boyfriend when it was awkward meeting his parents… the “being in his house alone not doing anything but bumping into them” kind of awkward. The most recent ex-boyfriend I’ve had though, I met his parents but it wasn’t very planned out. We were coming back from an outing with friends and decided to stop by his house so he could pick something up. I was a bit nervous and worried but his parents were so nice and welcoming. It was easy to be around them and not awkward at all. They really made an effort to make me feel at ease and I really appreciated that. I honestly will probably send them a Christmas card thanking them for everything they did for me in the time period when I was still with their son, haha. They were that welcoming!

Tips and tricks from my experience:
1) be nice
2) compliment their home/son or daughter whom you are dating
3) be polite
4) engage in conversation
5) be yourself!

Good luck if any of you are meeting your mate’s parents anytime soon! Does anyone else have any tips or tricks of their own?