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Mar 28

Young, Confused and Inexperienced

Posted by Executive Matchmaker Romella Battle

If you’re still a virgin but you’re with someone you really care about and the relationship has been going well so far, what about the next step? If you haven’t told your mate that you are a virgin thus far, it may be time to bring that up.


The next steps depend on your partner’s reaction. No matter what, if your partner is understanding, cares about you and is trustworthy, then your partner should understand about whatever your decision is: either to wait or to engage in sexual intercourse. If your partner has a bad reaction, then leave him or her. You definitely do not need your potential life partner to have such a bad reaction at your potentially life-changing news!


Remember that it is always okay to be okay with your life decisions, whatever they are. Do what you want with your life and make peace with it. :)

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