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May 24

To Date or Not To Date?

Posted by Executive Matchmaker Romella Battle

Single Parenting & Dating

Statistics have shown a number increase of children from single parent homes, acting out when they are introduced to a person their parent is dating. One of the conflicts arises when a parent is approached about their child when asking the opinion from the person they are seeing. The main question will surely come up; as a single parent, when dating someone who does not appear to get along with your child, do you continue seeing them or do you stop the relationship in its tracks?


Children, who are a part of a divorce or in a single parent home try adapting to major changes that are not in their control. While their mother or father is all they know, at times, a sense of intimidation, scariness and neglect begin to swarm their child’s mind, causing them to misbehave or “act out.” This defense mechanism puts them in a higher stance, knowing their mother or father will come to the rescue and fix whatever the problem is.  This is why a lot of single parents are nervous or even skeptical when dating again. A major portion relies on how the child views the significant other of the parent because the first impression is usually a vital factor.


Dating can be very exciting and stressful all at the same time but if you take your time and know what you are getting into, things will fall into place. For single parents with children, there is nothing wrong with dating and finding that special spark again but when involving your children, strategize and plan. When things are planned and mapped out, the worries of your significant other liking your child and your child liking them, becomes slim to none.





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