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Our FeaturedDate Team

We are a team of Dedicated Matchmakers who really believe in what we do.


FeaturedDate is designed to enrich the lives of Single Adults of all ages, stages, and phases of life by helping to find that special someone as well as enriching their lives with social interaction and special events. The goal of FeaturedDate is to support and empower Singles while finding someone special to connect with. Whether you are Single and have never been married, are divorced, a Single parent, or a widow(er)…We we work with you to determine what best fits your needs. Our club members experience personalized, one-on-one matchmaking by experienced matchmakers who understand your needs.


With FeaturedDate® Matchmaking Agency, you will get:

  • A Database of High-Quality Singles, Updated Daily
  • Custom Searches: We Will Search Outside of Our Database
  • A Team of Executive Recruiting/Matchmaking Professionals
  • A Team of Scouts Across The Country Looking For Exceptional Singles To Add To Our Database
  • Guarantee That Each Match Will Fall Within Parameters Discussed During In-Depth Interview
  • Value Added Feedback and Relationship and Life Coaching
  • Hands-On Personal Matchmaking; We Do Not Rely On Computer Matches
  • Individual Attention- Work One-On-One With Professional Matchmakers
  • Recruiting Tools- In-Depth, In-Person Interviews, Screening Techniques, and Background Questionnaires Used to Obtain Singles

From Our Founder


“FeaturedDate’s platform was successfully created, for you to experience VIP service which is not based on how much you pay, but simply by the top of the line service you receive. Our exclusive club members, also have access to an array of club packages and relationship coaching services offered to our VIP clientele.”


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  • Providing each and every client the opportunity to experience one on one service, by a dedicated team of associates who genuinely care about helping others. By performing matchmaking services which include, one on one client assessments, background checks and experienced date coaching.
  • For many singles, the only viable option for finding love, has been online dating, night clubs or speed dating which can be fun for a period of time but can also be deceptive and misleading. FeaturedDate, delivers the assurance that only the highest quality and most deserving singles will be introduced to you. 
  • The greatest advantage for our clients, is the accessibility of our service which operates a traditional office for our clients along with the flexibility of utilizing our online registration process and free in-home or office consultations.
  • All of our matchmakers are trained and experienced professionals and have specialized in helping singles and couples for at least 2 or more years. With our team of matchmakers working on our client’s behalf, you can spend your valuable time attending to other things. As we stand behind our work and provide all our client’s with our “Meet Your Mate Guarantee.”

On behalf of our entire team, we look forward to guiding you on your quest for love.

Welcome to FeaturedDate!

   “Finally, it’s all about you”


Member of the (AACC) American Association of Christian Counselors

Over a Decade of Bringing Love & Faith Together By Connecting Singles

Our Team

Our matchmaking Consultants are a team of trained professionals who look forward to assisting you in your quest for love. 


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If you are a professional matchmaker and interested in joining our team, please visit our recruitment website at
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