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Still Acting Single

Posted on: June 20th, 2013 by Executive Matchmaker Romella Battle

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A relationship is a commitment and bond shared between two people who more than likely love each other. Rather it is new love or something that is seasoned, it is a connection fulfilled by your significant other.



Though relationships are filled with a lot of good times there are challenges and trials that exist when being involved in one. With the good and the bad, one of the challenges a relationship may face is the idea of taking action when the negative fixations begin to create a problem.



Among one of the negative outbursts in a relationship, is the idea of being in one but still acting single. Believe it or not, statistics have shown an increased number in relationships going downhill because of this tactic.  Usually this will occur if one of the individuals involved in the relationship were playing two sides of the fence. At times it appears that temptation and trouble find you at a quicker rate when you are involved with someone leaving something as simple as a flirtatious conversation or a number exchange to put a damper between you and your significant other.





The bottom line is, if a person is acting single then they should really be single but if you are in a relationship the focus should be on you and your mate.






What is Love?

Posted on: June 13th, 2013 by Executive Matchmaker Romella Battle

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According to about.com the definition of dating is the object of two people getting to know each other on different levels including romance. Clearly if you are dating someone it implies you are interested in more than just a friendship or a casual relationship. You are aiming to learn any and every thing about that person because there is an intention to progress as a unit instead of one. Dating is looked upon as a positive reflection but is it something that can be abused? 



New and profound love can be so refreshing and fulfilling that a person can appear to be stuck in the clouds. Along with the idea of love being so fresh and new, comes the object of affection; since the aspects of dating or being in a relationship are fresh and innovative. This is the stage where the desire or want to constantly be around a person is at an all time high.
Love can place people in such a positive aura leading them to express their feelings and emotions at all causes, even in the public eye. When love hits the air, people will know it and may even see it. Rather it’s a kiss on the cheek, a bouquet of flowers, a surprise get-a-way or romantic evening, the expression of feelings can run really deep.



Within these deep feelings, new and profound love will  seem to be one of the things a person will think about. Rather it’s your dream girl or guy, whenever you’re around them, the expression of feelings is clear in sight.





Listen to the Heart or Follow the Mind

Posted on: June 12th, 2013 by Executive Matchmaker Romella Battle

How many times do you hear, “follow your heart and not your mind?” it is one of the most common concepts when it comes to dating, relationships or love in general. The heart vs. the mind is one of the most difficult battles you may find within yourself and one of the most difficult of situations when it comes to love.


When it comes to the heart, one of the major drives or factors  are from the emotional aspect. Emotions can be known to make or break a personal outlook of an important individual because it’s the expression of how you feel; rather good or bad, emotions tell it all. Some people can be more in tune with their feelings than others, making it very easy for them to use the heart when evaluating their feelings for someone. Though emotions are apart of the main drive of a person, they can also work against you at times. With feelings or emotions, the ability to make a person vulnerable or out of the usual  comfort zone is not a hard concept to obtain which can make things difficult when it comes to a relationship or dating. Being vulnerable and in the unknown can lead a person to confusion, frustration with the idea of waiting on the next level or next step if any. This is when confusion may begin to set in and leads a person to look at the mind for advice or what to do next.


Certain things begin to shift once the object of the mind is placed in the picture. The mind itself  is known to be more of the blunt and upfront aspect for decisions. As a shield and protector of the emotions, the mind will let a person know when enough is enough and could care less how much an individual may love a person or care for them. If the mind receives a glimpse or slight idea that you are not receiving the treatment it feels you deserves, there is no problem for the mind to shut out the emotional concept; once a mind is made up it can be difficult to change. Even as a protector, it can also play tricks, leading the person to believe in something that may not completely be what’s expected. This is why many people say expect the unexpected because at times when listening to the mind over thinking or not thinking thoroughly can occur.


As the idea of dating or being in a relationship approaches finding balance between the emotional point and the will of a strong mind is the best way to sort through the overall journey as a whole. In a relationship or in the object of love, these two strong accessories will battle at times but it’s up to you to discover which side you will listen to.








Progress: Moving to the Next Step

Posted on: June 8th, 2013 by Executive Matchmaker Romella Battle



Marriage is a serious vow and commitment made by a couple to spend the rest of their lives together. By taking part in this journey called marriage, the lives of the people around you can change just as much as your own.  For some, the opinion about your significant other can hold serious weight.

What happens when the person you love and will be married to, is not to the liking of your close family members and friends? Do you stop loving them or do you move forward? A lot of people have difficulties in their marriage because different opinions from outside sources leak and intrude the establishment of the couple. This usually stems from not being able to let go of those who are close to you and holding in what they want or feel is best for you at a higher level than what you want for yourself. By partaking in this chain of reactions, it can be very difficult for you to move forward with the woman or man of your dreams. When you do not take in the idea of what you want and what you seek, you will never be happy.

For several people, family is such an important part in life because it is filled with your loved ones and those you really care for. Without family, many believe you don’t have anything, especially because it signifies so much; support system, love, laughter, strong wiliness, structure and much more. So the opinion of those close to you (family or friends) tends to matter more than your own.

There is nothing wrong with evaluating the opinion of others in your life especially when they are seeking your best interest but be cognizant and don’t forget what makes you happy. Balance is the strong objective when combining marriage and those who love you (family and friends.) To love both parties at an equal level may be challenging times but it is the best way to keep great relationships with those who mean the most to you.



True Love can be Hard to Come By

Posted on: June 6th, 2013 by Executive Matchmaker Romella Battle



Have you ever asked yourself why people search high and low for the dedicated, genuine, long term kind of love? For those who are looking for a long term commitment and relationship, dating is only a step within the process of finding the person who compliments them. No one really wants to spend their life dating without progress being made; the difference between treating dating as a game and a serious notion.


Once the idea and object of dating is taking seriously, love can be found but it can also slip out of your hands before you know it. On occasion, when a person finds the specific kind of love they’re looking for, why does it seem to slip away too easy? Actions like this may occur if a couple is together for a while and the excitement or passion that once burned deeply in the relationship , is not as strong as it once was. The relationship filled with strong will and fight for love seems more like a battlefield between two people disputing over different emotions, opinions and values; failure within a relationship.


As a relationship turns to turmoil more than likely it is the lack of working together as one or an uproar of neglect. Neglect can be one of the most poisonous objects to hit a relationship because it can happen without a person realizing it. Studies have shown high levels of neglect within married couples which leads to higher divorce rates. Most of the time neglect is inflicted by the male figure or the least emotional person within the relationship and sometimes the person does not even realize what they are doing until it is too late. This is why it’s not only important to solidify your love for one another but also being cognizant of the actions taking place throughout the relationship is key.


For some, finding a good thing in their mate can be a challenge and time consuming, so why neglect and treat them poorly?