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To Date or Not To Date?

Posted on: May 24th, 2013 by Executive Matchmaker Romella Battle

Single Parenting & Dating

Statistics have shown a number increase of children from single parent homes, acting out when they are introduced to a person their parent is dating. One of the conflicts arises when a parent is approached about their child when asking the opinion from the person they are seeing. The main question will surely come up; as a single parent, when dating someone who does not appear to get along with your child, do you continue seeing them or do you stop the relationship in its tracks?


Children, who are a part of a divorce or in a single parent home try adapting to major changes that are not in their control. While their mother or father is all they know, at times, a sense of intimidation, scariness and neglect begin to swarm their child’s mind, causing them to misbehave or “act out.” This defense mechanism puts them in a higher stance, knowing their mother or father will come to the rescue and fix whatever the problem is.  This is why a lot of single parents are nervous or even skeptical when dating again. A major portion relies on how the child views the significant other of the parent because the first impression is usually a vital factor.


Dating can be very exciting and stressful all at the same time but if you take your time and know what you are getting into, things will fall into place. For single parents with children, there is nothing wrong with dating and finding that special spark again but when involving your children, strategize and plan. When things are planned and mapped out, the worries of your significant other liking your child and your child liking them, becomes slim to none.





Cat and Mouse Chase, Which One Are You?

Posted on: April 30th, 2013 by Executive Matchmaker Romella Battle 5 Comments

Have you ever felt as if dating was a big game?

Are you a part of the game?

Are you a part of the game?


Am I cute enough, do I look the part, who will call first, am I too clingy, how long should I wait to make the first move.


These are just a portion of what this cat and mouse game of dating presents on an everyday basis. Dating can be very difficult, especially when certain standards are put in place to please the personal preference or taste in a potential mate. When that niche or personal level of standards become hard to find, it makes the process of dating tough and even annoying. This is why some people believe being single seems to be an “OK” thing.


People tend to feel more comfortable, at ease and less pressured when they are the only person they have to worry about. Some may think that being single is a scapegoat or a safety zone to keep themselves from being hurt and not venture out into the dating world but have you ever thought maybe the individual was just tired of this crazy and dysfunctional game called dating? Everyone has their own personal opinion or preference but honestly speaking, the majority of people who say they are single by choice may be borderline delusional.


On the chance that you are single for the moment, you may happen to fall into one these categories: single and dedicated to my education at the moment, single and dedicated to my career, single parent and dedicated to my kids, single and grieving for a lost spouse or single because I’m too young or old to date. Taken any one of those reasons into consideration, ask yourself, how many people truly want to be alone, on purpose?  It is part of human nature to want to love someone and share your successes & disappointments as you continue to grow. However, it is more than likely that as a single person at some point and time, you have been hurt, jaded or frustrated with this game many of us play, including myself….. Though being single can appear to be easy and carefree, we clearly know, that at times it can be lonely and flat out suck!


So where does that lead us, eventually we are sucked into this game of dating. If you ask yourself what the true meaning of dating is, there will not be a clear definition and that is because everyone interprets things differently. When it comes to dating the obstacles and ways of the game constantly change from day to day, leaving it to be an on-going challenge. A challenge within itself that has it perks as well as downfalls, which alters different mindsets, thoughts and motives.