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Revenge of the Ex

Posted on: May 25th, 2013 by Executive Matchmaker Romella Battle


When your significant other becomes an Ex

When your significant other becomes an Ex


The revenge of an ex can be one of the worse situations an individual can be placed in when leaving or transitioning into a relationship. Most of the time a previous lover, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife will act out or try to make your life hectic because they don’t want to leave the past alone.


Along with the idea of being in your past they may try to hinder you from moving forward with your love life. They don’t want to see you happy or progress to better things so they try to prevent it from happening. When it seems like the actions of an ex are out of anger, frustration and even insecurities it’s probably because they don’t want to let go of their past with you, hence the prevention of you moving forward.


There are different situations where an ex may retaliate or seek revenge, some with rightful causes and others not so much. Certain circumstances can prevail when your significant other has complete control all of the time; taking you for granted or just being plain unappreciative. You continuously ask yourself what you should do, stay and suffer or see what else is out there. For people who grow tired of that behavior, can finally gain the courage to walk away and move on in life. By moving on, the main objective is seeking something that makes them happy, which leaves the significant other in their past with the nonsense… changing the title to “an ex.”


On the other side of the spectrum an ex may seek revenge because of control issues; the psycho ex who believes if they can’t have you no one else can. These situations can be very dangerous and lead to death or serious harm/damage to be done. If circumstances become that severe for an individual, they are encouraged to seek help from law enforcement or those who are truly looking to get you out of the situation.  Many people change their identities and relocate because of the severity of a “psycho ex.”


Rather there were good times or bad times, everyone has a past, some more severe than others but never forget it is called your past for a reason. Use the past as a guide to help you move forward in life and not stumble across the same mistakes as before. Getting over someone you love is never easy but when your situation takes a turn for the worse and all options have been exalted, it is time to let go and move on.