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Jul 19

Interview: 3 Single Men Where Asked? What They Really Want in A Woman

Posted by Executive Matchmaker Romella Battle

By: R.K. Battle, The New Carmen Jones of Dating, Professional Matchmaker & Date Coach


July 19, 2014


Most women can relate when I say we all have our insecurities. A lot of us don’t feel pretty when we don’t have our make-up on or our hair done. Is the reason women do not feel attractive because of the reactions of men? Girls are beginning to feel extreme insecurities in their young teen years due to the eye of society. Magazines for men such as Maxim promote the image that if you aren’t a super model, then you aren’t sexy. But, do all men really prefer the model looking female?


Woman need to first feel confident in themselves before they can become sexy to others. Once you have that inner confidence, you’ll be ready to face the world. We all know the saying “There’s many fish in the sea”, and there is! If you ever do encounter a bad situation with a man…don’t give up! All men are NOT the same and I do believe there is someone out there for all of us. Have the confidence to not settle for someone because you feel you can’t do better. You will find someone who excepts you for the real person inside if you open your eyes. We all have our Prince out there, so be that beautiful Cinderella you know you re capable of and don’t give up on your search!


After talking with a few local ladies, I went in search of single men to find some answers women want to know. As most of us girls are already aware, men can be extremely difficult to read. I’ve gone into the heart of things and interviewed three single males to find the real scoop on what they are thinking. Both men were asked to give their complete honest opinions and answers. Ken Mac, 23 years old, Malcom D. 21 years old, and Arnie, 38 years old.


What is the first thing that catches your attention when you meet a woman?

Ken: How she carries herself, confidence is sexy.
Arnie: How nice her figure is.


What bothers you the most in a woman?

Malcom: When they are always on the phone.
Ken: When they worry too much when we don’t talk. I can sit in a car with my best friend for two hours and not say anything, and its cool. But, if my girl is there she’ll be like “Whats wrong!? Why aren’t you talking to me!?” Sometimes I just like to enjoy the ride, that’s all.


Describe in your own words the perfect woman:

Ken: Someone who gets along well with my friends and family. I like when there is a lot of things we still have to learn together and are ambitious about it. I prefer a woman who is slightly shorter than me, into technology, likes kids, animals, and can defend herself. I like women in positions of leadership, and someone who is a little geeky like me. A woman who will let me be comfortable when I’m around her..a best friend. That’s all a guy can really ask for.
Malcom: A woman who I can make smile easily. Pretty is always a plus. I want someone who I have common interests with, and that is family oriented..but not too family oriented.
Arnie: I would consider her to be someone that looks sexy, both in body and mind. She can’t be a complete idiot. Someone who is spontaneous and will try crazy things with me.


Would you say sex is an important part of a relationship?

Ken: Yeah, it keeps it interesting. Trying new things with your partner is important, but one has to be patient with that aspect as well. It’s not a rush or a big race, each person is different. Discovering what they like is the beauty behind the sex in a relationship. But, if it isn’t working or the other person is unwilling and can only give 10%..move on.
Malcom: No.
Arnie: Yes, things get too bland without it. Sex keeps the spice in a relationship.


After my interviews, I went out and surveyed 20 different men (including the three) on two more questions women want to know!


When asked “Would you ever consider dating a woman that you didn’t find attractive, but treated you extremely well? ” 80% of the men answered NO, while the other 20% said YES.

The next question on my survey was “Would you prefer a woman who would have sex with you on the first date?” and surprisingly 75% said NO, 25% said YES. To be honest, I was expecting that ratio to be flipped around. I guess I’ve learned something new on my time out questioning different men! It was definitely an experience for me, and I hope it can shed some light on “What men really want in a woman.”


What are your thoughts about what these men want? Do you agree or Not?


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