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Mar 19

Interview with a Single Christian Man From His Perspective

Posted by Executive Matchmaker Romella Battle



John, a 33-year-old City firefighter in training, spoke out about living the single Christian life. One of his answers generated quite a discussion, so John is back to elaborate a little more on a topic that is bound to stir up further discussion: Is it okay for a woman to go after a man she wants?


Q: How would you feel if a woman who is attracted to you, approached you first and asked you out on a date?


John: Truthfully, I would feel flattered but not interested in going out with her.


Q: Why wouldn’t you want to go out with her?


John: For me, a woman asking me out takes the pursuit out of the experience. I think a woman should be sort of unattainable. When she’s unattainable it does that thing inside of a man and makes him hungry for her. But if she comes up to him, chances are the attraction won’t last.


Q: Some people argue that your way of thinking is old fashioned and women of today are more assertive and independent.


John: I’d say to them…you do it your way and I’ll do it God’s way and we’ll see whose relationship lasts longer.


Q: What biblical evidence do you have that makes you believe that’s God’s way?


John: Well, God made man first then he made woman. Thus starts the order of man pursuing a woman. God presented Eve to Adam, she did not present herself. Then you have the story of Jacob and Rachel. Jacob loved Rachel and he wanted her so much, he worked 14 years just to get her. This is the proper order. A man saw the woman he wanted and he worked to prove himself worthy of being her husband. This is the way life should be.


Q: Why do you think so many women think it’s good to pursue a man?


John: Because of movies, television and things of this world that portray things out of the order of God. Magazine articles telling women to dress a certain way and act a certain way to get a man. All of these things make a woman naturally attractive instead of supernaturally attractive.


Q: What do you mean by supernaturally attractive?


John: A woman is supernaturally attractive if she spends quality time with the Lord. She will exude God’s character and all of the qualities that will attract the man that her heart truly desires.


Q: There will be single Christian ladies reading this article who are praying for a husband.  What advice would you give them?


John: Seek the Lord, seek the Lord and seek the Lord!!! Any secret sins in your life, let them go. Get before the Lord and have Him search you out. Get your spiritual house in order first — and prepare yourself to be a wife.


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