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Our Team

FeaturedDate Team of Matchmakers

We are a team of matchmakers who really believe in what we do and have decided to make our work personalized and affordable for deserving singles that want it.

                   Dating & Matchmaking Made Simple With a Little Coaching From Our Team!
                   Come Join Our Members, Who Have No Problem Finding Dates On Their Own…
                         Instead, Prefer Using a Service That Does The Weeding Out For Them ! 




Experience Our Matchmaker’s Expertise in:


  • Relationship Issues
  • Self Esteem Issues
  • Communication and Problem -Solving Skills
  • Openness and Honesty
  • Life Coaching
  • Matchmaker Training
  • Expectations in Success Relationships
  • Manifesting your soul mate
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Personal Development
  • How to be your authentic self and be loved just for being uniquely you
  • The best social skills for successful dating
  • Becoming a successful blended family
  • English/Spanish

Specializing In Connecting:


  • Christian Singles
  • Black Singles
  • Professional Singles
  • Mature Singles