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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Is Featureddate an online dating service?

Absolutely not. FeaturedDate® is a professional matchmaking agency specializing in providing exclusive one on one date introduction services to our California club members.

In addition, FeaturedDate also offers an exclusive online dating portal for all U.S. and International singles to connect & chat.

2. Is my privacy assured?

As a member of FeaturedDate®, we are always discreet. Your personal information will never be shared without your consent. Every interaction between you and FeaturedDate Matchmaking is held in the strictest confidence.

3. Do you do background checks?

Your safety is paramount; therefore all of our clients are required to undergo a background screening.  The background screening is not done to exclude clients but to ensure that our club members are fully informed and can make an informed decision regarding who they would consider for their dating introduction.

4. Who are your clients and how old are they?

Our clients are serious daters and commitment seekers between the ages of 25 – 65 who desire to meet the man or woman of their dreams in a safe & affordable environment. Our clients are seeking a more personalized, exclusive and high quality matchmaking experience which was previously only available to those of the millionaire class.  Our clients are discerning and confident singles ready to focus on what they need and desire in a potential mate.

5. Are there any geographical restrictions for your service?

Our service is currently only accepting club membership for personal matchmaking services to California Residents. However, FeaturedDate also offers an exclusive online dating portal for all U.S. and International singles to connect & chat.

6. Is anyone excluded from your service?

Featureddate.com is for serious compatibility seekers and is not a casual dating service. Those who are seeking casual dates will be excluded.  In addition, all clients must either be single, divorced, or widowed.  Those who are separated will be excluded.

7. What if I meet someone who I want to focus on for a while? Can I freeze my membership?

You may put your membership on hold for up to 6 months.

8. Why would someone like me choose to hire a professional matchmaker?

*For online daters You may be someone who has grown tired of internet dating because of its’ impersonal nature, people displaying false pictures and identities with a few taps on the key board, and the tediousness of browsing through excessive profiles;

*For traditional Daters You may be someone who has been deceived by deceptive marketing tactics, locked into an expensive contract that protect the agencies interest and not yours, or matches are based on availability and location, not on your interests and preferences;

*For daters in general You are too busy with your career to spend time searching for dates;

*You are a busy single parent and want to spend your free time focusing on your children; Most of your friends are married and you do not know many single people; You keep choosing the wrong type of person to date and could use some help to make a better choice.

10. I’m not sure I’m making a good impression on my dates. Do you provide date coaching or image consulting?

Yes we do. Your success is our priority, therefore we will happily provide you with date coaching, date feedback, appearance and/or dating etiquette.  Many of these services are provided in your membership.