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Jun 15

Real or Not

Posted by Executive Matchmaker Romella Battle











Though it may seem shallow at times, appearance can be the making or breaking point when looking for a mate. When a person is being judged solely on their looks, makes it a little more difficult for single men and women to find a mate.


For men, especially those of ethnic background, it is commonly found that these men are quick to say or speak about a cultured woman, rather it is her hair, the way she dresses or her upkeep. Most of the time the focus is channeled to her hair. Women who invest in different types of hairstyles including highlights, dying, extensions or relaxed hair, is all in an effort to please not only themselves but the society around them.


At times it may be very challenging not to give in but women should try to stop competing with the next woman, remember being a woman is beautiful so embrace that.
Men, yes standards are set for a reason but try not to dismiss a woman because her hair isn’t just how you like it or her figure is not to your liking; women are emotional and fragile, keep that in mind.


Unfortunately there will always be a complaint about something because no one is perfect yet many of us strive to be that way and look the “part.”





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