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Love at first sight?

Posted on: February 9th, 2013 by Executive Matchmaker Romella Battle

It’s a question that comes up often. So do you believe in love at first sight? Personally, I know some people do not believe in love at first sight, but rather attraction at first sight. There are people who do not believe in fate and destiny, there are those who acknowledge it but do not believe strongly in it and there are those who believe in it passionately.

Personally, I am one who does believe in fate, destiny and love at first sight. I’m not headstrong on it but I do believe that there is someone for everybody and that everything happens for a reason. Attraction at first sight? Definitely! Love at first sight? That’s more complicated because I feel like “love at first sight” stems from attraction at first sight.

This article that I found is called “Love at first sight, or in half a second”*. It basically talks about how quickly a person is pulled towards physical attractiveness when looking for a potential mate or when being protective of their current mate from other rivals. The article speaks about how the team found out that people are drawn towards attractive faces within the very first half-second of seeing them before even thinking about a possible mate or rival. They accomplished this finding by testing some university students, showing them pictures of either extremely attractive people or average-looking people for one second. By their reaction time, the team was able to discover that half a second is really all that is needed to decide if someone is attractive to the person or not. There are advantages and disadvantages of the study but if you want to read more, I have linked the article below!

The article definitely captured my attention since there is that popular question of if one believes in love at first sight. There’s so many different responses and explanations for their answers because there is definitely not just one correct answer.

So what do you think? Do you believe in love in first sight?

love first sight


Posted on: February 2nd, 2013 by Executive Matchmaker Romella Battle

Do men prefer women with no brains and big breasts or a woman that they would be proud to take home to their mother? Vice versa  if a man has his shirt off and looks like Brad Pitt! Are women more attracted to what we see than what comes out of his mouth? Let’s examine all sides of the equation!

I’ve asked this question to my friends a couple of times before. Honestly, first impressions do count. Of course your eyes will stray to someone attractive. However, you will never know if the attractive person has a provoking personality or is conceited, arrogant and/or ditzy.. until you actually approach the person and talk to her/him.

Some typical answers I have heard to this question go along this line: “if I was out with my friends, I would be looking for an attractive woman but just to hook up with, but I want a real girl who I can take home to my mom but with a great personality and is wife-material.”

Numerous people say that they would choose personality over looks but would also like their mate to be attractive, but first impressions speak volumes, creating a stereotypical image of what women and men should look like for society to base their first impressions on. It creates higher and unrealistic expectations but this is how the world works.

So what do you think? Who would you choose?