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Meeting the Parents – When, Where, How?

Posted on: March 12th, 2013 by Executive Matchmaker Romella Battle

You’re in a serious and committed relationship with your partner. So now, when is it appropriate to introduce your significant other to your parents?


Honestly, I can’t say that there’s a certain time frame. It depends on your gut feeling and when your partner is open and comfortable with meeting your parents. Forcing your parents or your significant other to meet each other may not end well because of anxiety, awkwardness or they may just not be prepared.


Some couples may be faster than other couples but every couple is different so one cannot base it on what other couples choose to do. Some tips would be to make sure that each person is in a comfortable environment (if your parents are more of the make-dinner-at-home-for-everyone type, then invite your partner over to their house for a nice dinner!), prepare and give advance warning for both your parents and your partner, and some tips for both parties would not be a bad idea either.


What were some of your experiences? Have you had any good stories or tips to tell? Let us know!


Beautiful No Matter What!

Posted on: March 9th, 2013 by Executive Matchmaker Romella Battle

First of all, happy international women’s day! (Even though women should be celebrated everyday..)


Self-image… sometimes when someone looks in the mirror, he or she sees a completely different image than in reality. Some people are never satisfied with how their body looks and are self-conscious. I can honestly say that sometimes I am unhappy with my body but I am so grateful for my amazing friends who help me and realize that I am beautiful no matter what. I dance at least 3 times a week and I don’t gorge on food… I’ve recently given up eating so much meat/eating meat at all and I would call myself healthy. You definitely cannot end up having a healthy body in a few days but you can start RIGHT NOW!


No matter what you may think of your body, you should realize that you are a beautiful and amazing person no matter what. If you are! It’s extremely hard for some people to realize that but reminders every so often doesn’t hurt either. If you are with someone who doesn’t realize that or let you know that he or she thinks you are beautiful/amazing/great sometimes, then let me tell you that you DESERVE BETTER. You deserve someone who will make you feel beautiful, even with no makeup or hair products, at any time of day. Don’t settle for less!


Just remember that you are beautiful, an amazing person and be proud of who you are! love

Stop! Before You End the Relationship, Ask…

Posted on: March 5th, 2013 by Executive Matchmaker Romella Battle

Before you end a relationship with someone, STOP! Ask yourself these questions first to make sure you’re thinking about it clearly and completely. I know sometimes you have to believe that gut feeling you have but there is also no harm in taking the time to think about something 100%!


Here are a few questions you should ask yourself (or you could even diaglogue with someone you trust as well) before you end a relationship.


1) Does my partner abuse me, physically and/or emotionally? If the answer is “yes”, then get out of the relationship. Any abuse in any relationship is not worth it, no matter how many times the abuser apologizes and swears that he or she will never do it again.
2) Do I wish that things/problems/issues could be worked out? If you have some doubts or any thoughts that you want to stay in this relationship, then maybe the solution is not to end  the relationship but to find other solutions instead. Maybe if there are some key problems, you can try to solve them with your problems. If it still does not end up well, at least you know that you gave it your all.
3) Do I truly communicate? Communication is so important in a relationship. Truly listening to your partner can actually be harder than you think. You have to focus on what they are saying and understand their opinions/thoughts/feelings. Sometimes your mind may wander off to what your response should be but you really have to focus your attention on what your partner is saying to effectively communicate. For a healthy relationship, the couple needs to learn how to listen and speak to each other in an effective way.
4) Have I talked to my partner about the problems in our relationship? Sometimes people would rather avoid the problems instead of communicating and compromising about it. Couples end up fighting over the most trivial and little things because of the build-up and frustration from the underlying and unresolved issues.
5) Has our trust in each other changed? Anything can happen. A possible scenario is that maybe your partner cheated on you. That can lead to trust issues and sometimes the cheated on person just cannot trust the other again. Both people in the relationship have to be willing to work together to build the trust between them again.
6) Are you able to forgive each other? Holding grudges may seem like it’ll be helpful to you in the moment but they are nothing more than destructive. If your partner is unable to forgive you for something and keeps bringing it up to hoard over you, then that relationship is not going to keep going.



Hopefully these questions will have opened your mind and/or helped you. I know this has broadened my mind. Think before you act!

think before u act2

Dating On the Phone?

Posted on: February 28th, 2013 by Executive Matchmaker Romella Battle 10 Comments

Let me shoot some personal thoughts and questions at you really quick.

Some of you may even be reading this on your smartphones right now. Smart phones are taking over the world… honestly! I know I got sucked into the smart phone hype (100% admit it but still not going to give up my iPhone5) but technology seems like it’s taking over everyone’s lives. Some people would rather text or call on the phone instead of going out and hanging out with them in REAL LIFE.

The newer generations of children are placed in the struggle. I know young toddlers that know how to operate a smart phone but can’t say full sentences yet. Isn’t that crazy?! It befuddles my mind honestly.

I know one way to communicate with someone you may have just met or just went on a date with, is to text them while you two cannot see each other in the day(s). It’s a good way of communication, I admit it. The phone and/or the Internet- emails, texts, calls, a post on her/his Facebook wall. It just seems like reality is losing its touch sometimes- especially when someone would rather do everything online instead of going out into the real world and attempting to navigate their way.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to insult the way that people are using their electronics. It’s a really convenient and free way for me to contact my family in overseas (thank you Skype) or voice-call my friends hands- free (Voxer and smart phones!) as well as keep in touch with a potential mate by sending them a quick text while running my other errands. ;)

One note though: don’t depend on your smartphone. You still need skills in the real world, everyone! :)


Reality vs. Expectations

Posted on: February 23rd, 2013 by Executive Matchmaker Romella Battle 79 Comments

Have you ever seen 500 Days of Summer? You would think that is is just like another romantic comedy movie but right from the beginning, Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) lets you know that this is not a love story. It is the complete opposite. The great thing about this movie is that it actually mirrors a real-life situation! 

Tom has a crush on a coworker, Summer (played by Zooey Deschanel). They end up being a couple and there’s even a great dance sequence where Tom is so happy with his life. They start drifting apart and you begin to notice that Summer is pulling away from him, literally and metaphorically. Summer breaks it off with him and Tom pines for her, even months later. There’s this amazing scene (one of my personal favorites) where he is invited to a party of hers. It’s the same scene but one side is “Expectation” where he imagines that Summer greets him, they’re good friends, laughing and spending time with each other. Next to it is “Reality” where he is greeted by Summer but it turns awkward and he ends up spending more time alone rather than with Summer.

Even though it’s not the typical rom-com (aka romantic comedy), this movie is made around the reality of a possible outcome of a relationship! It takes on a darker and less-seen side of a relationship, especially in movies. I love how it’s veered towards this rather than a typical rom-com.

If you haven’t seen it yet, I recommend it!



PDA! Yes or No?

Posted on: February 23rd, 2013 by Executive Matchmaker Romella Battle

Chemistry.com gathered data and found out the top 10 cities that are comfortable with PDA (aka public displays of affection) and the top 10 that dislike seeing PDA. Personally, I don’t mind a small peck, holding hands, and PDA but if I see a couple making out while one person is sitting on top of another at a bus stop where there’s other people around, then I think “get a room”. I think that couples should show each other what they mean to each other but it doesn’t mean that everyone has to see you two grope each other while trying to mind their own business in public!

The top 10 cities most comfortable with PDA:
1. Honolulu, HI
2. Pittsburgh, PA
3. Lexington, KY
4. Charleston, WV
5. New York, NY
6. Fresno, CA
7. Waco, TX
8. Cedar Rapids, IA
9. Syracuse, NY
10. Des Moines, IA

Honestly, I found the above list surprising! I thought that there would be more known cities on this list. I’m not saying that these cities are less popular but reading this list shocked me because I guessed at least 3 cities that I thought would be on this list and none made it.

The top 10 cities least comfortable with PDA:
91. Reno, NV
92. Las Vegas. NV
93. Seattle, WA
94. Orlando, FL
95. Miami, FL
96. Phoenix, AZ
97. Denver, CO
98. Tampa, FL
99. West Palm Beach, FL
100. Ft. Meyers

Again, this list was also surprising! Even though Florida is such a beach state with a good majority of people showing their skin with their teeny bikinis or their short swim trunks, they have 5 cities in Florida alone (shocker! What?!) ranked in the top 10 cities disliking PDA. Blew my mind…

This honestly turned my mind upside down. I did not think I’d be so off with my guesses but I was entirely off… do you have any theories why these cities ended up on their respective lists? I have no clue…

Did You Know?!

Posted on: February 20th, 2013 by Executive Matchmaker Romella Battle


I just wanted to share a few interesting facts about dating and relationships today! Some shocked me, some I already knew, and some were just a little bit weird….

1. Did you know speed dating was invented by a rabbi? In Los Angeles in 1999, it was created, based on a Jewish tradition of chaperoned gatherings of young Jewish singles. So if you’ve been speed dating, thank the rabbis.
2. 1 in 3 teenagers have been through violence in a dating relationship. Sadly, I’m not too shocked by this which is horrible. I have not personally experienced this but I have friends that have. It is the worst.
3. It takes between 12 to 14 dates on average, before a couple will exchange house keys. It kind of sounds like a lot of dates but I kind of think that’s moving a bit too fast…
4. On free dating sites, there are at least 10% of new accounts that are actually scammers. Not surprising… that’s what you get when you don’t offer background checks!
5. The third week of September is declared National Singles Week in the United States. Nice to know that there’s an official week designated for singles..
6. Dating specialists actually suggest that people should wait until the third date with someone to cook someone dinner at home. Kind of surprising to me because why not earlier?
7. Over 50% of all single people in America have not had a date in more than 2 years. 2 YEARS! Don’t be afraid to get out there!

I’ll reveal some more interesting facts sometime in the future… but did some facts shock you as well? Surprised? Me too…