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Power Couples… You inspire me.

Posted on: December 15th, 2017 by Executive Matchmaker Romella Battle

Pinky: “Gee, Brain, what do you want to do tonight”?

Brain: “The same thing we do every night, Pinky – try to take over the world”!pinky


For those that remember, without “pinky” there was no “brain” and vise versa.


The words “Power couples” might be a catch-phrase that sets the tone of the relationship, but it is also something that is proving to be true. Power couples do things differently, but what makes a power couple? Let’s look at some examples of those who have been wildly successful individually, as well as seem to have an unbreakable relationship bond.


Barack and Michelle Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Kelly Rippa and Michael Consuelos, Will and Jada Smith and
Duane and Tisha Campbell-Martin.


Not everyone is this successful and wealthy, but then being a power couple is not only reserved for the mega wealthy and successful. Just about every crowd features at least one of these couples.


keyThey are awesome together, and awesome people as individuals too.


keyThey support each other completely and don’t depend on anyone for their sense of self-worth.


keyThis couple has that something special that people can see immediately, and it lights up the world.



                         keyLets take a look at some more of these essential keys.key




keyThey are optimistic and know they have value.


key Each of them makes up for what the other might lack, and they are key confidantes.


keyThey work hard to improve their own individuality as well as, as a pair.


key Working constantly and confidently to become better connected.


keyThey work harder to deserve one another.


keyA couple such as this supports each-others pursuits and ambitions completely, and are equal partners.


keyBoth of them value equality, and will do their fair share inside the home, as well as outside the home.




For example Bill and Hillary Clinton. They support each of the others political ideologies and careers. She supported his aspirations when he was President, and he championed for her and supported her 2016 presidential run.


keyPower couples make time for themselves, and time to be together. They often exercise together and enjoy the same sort of sporting activities, and can spend time on their own passion projects.


keyWhen their relationship is no longer working they stick together to work it out, or know when to call it quits, and are private about it.


keyEvolving separate careers as well as a family together is the kind of thing that successful power couples do.

keyThey are both already complete when they meet, equal in attitude, style, and often finance and career.

keyThey come from every neck of the woods from the trailer park to the highest echelon of super stardom, to overcome the odds together by simply being all that they can both possibly be.

keyThey do not sacrifice career ambitions, they compromise, and don’t need to validate one another as being worthy.

keyThese are not glamorous appendages to a successful or powerful spouse, they are equal in everything. Will Smith said it best “If you are absent during my struggle, don’t expect to be present during my success”. This is kind of commitment is for better or for worse.



When we focus on fixing what’s wrong, we focus on the problem.


“Whatever we focus our attention on will inevitably grow.”


Instead, work together to focus on solutions, strengths and goals.


Enjoy the Journey …

Cat and Mouse Chase, Which One Are You?

Posted on: April 30th, 2013 by Executive Matchmaker Romella Battle 5 Comments

Have you ever felt as if dating was a big game?

Are you a part of the game?

Are you a part of the game?


Am I cute enough, do I look the part, who will call first, am I too clingy, how long should I wait to make the first move.


These are just a portion of what this cat and mouse game of dating presents on an everyday basis. Dating can be very difficult, especially when certain standards are put in place to please the personal preference or taste in a potential mate. When that niche or personal level of standards become hard to find, it makes the process of dating tough and even annoying. This is why some people believe being single seems to be an “OK” thing.


People tend to feel more comfortable, at ease and less pressured when they are the only person they have to worry about. Some may think that being single is a scapegoat or a safety zone to keep themselves from being hurt and not venture out into the dating world but have you ever thought maybe the individual was just tired of this crazy and dysfunctional game called dating? Everyone has their own personal opinion or preference but honestly speaking, the majority of people who say they are single by choice may be borderline delusional.


On the chance that you are single for the moment, you may happen to fall into one these categories: single and dedicated to my education at the moment, single and dedicated to my career, single parent and dedicated to my kids, single and grieving for a lost spouse or single because I’m too young or old to date. Taken any one of those reasons into consideration, ask yourself, how many people truly want to be alone, on purpose?  It is part of human nature to want to love someone and share your successes & disappointments as you continue to grow. However, it is more than likely that as a single person at some point and time, you have been hurt, jaded or frustrated with this game many of us play, including myself….. Though being single can appear to be easy and carefree, we clearly know, that at times it can be lonely and flat out suck!


So where does that lead us, eventually we are sucked into this game of dating. If you ask yourself what the true meaning of dating is, there will not be a clear definition and that is because everyone interprets things differently. When it comes to dating the obstacles and ways of the game constantly change from day to day, leaving it to be an on-going challenge. A challenge within itself that has it perks as well as downfalls, which alters different mindsets, thoughts and motives.




Self-Love and Motivation

Posted on: January 29th, 2013 by Executive Matchmaker Romella Battle 1 Comment

The countdown continues! Only 18 days left until Valentine’s Day!

Lesson 9: To get to the place of self-love, never give up: Have some motivation to finish out your plan for yourself, present and the future. Figure out what is happening in your life that you need to either remove or receive to know your self-worth. Think of some strong people in history- Martin Luther King, Jr., Mother Teresa, Gandhi, and more. You have to be a strong person as well to possibly make changes in your life. Take chances and learn to love yourself before others can love you. Motivate yourself to make changes to your lifestyle and keep motivating yourself to follow through and continue on.

motivation best