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Creative conversation starters on a date

Posted on: December 18th, 2012 by Executive Matchmaker Romella Battle 1 Comment

I usually hate small talk… sometimes it’s alright, especially when you just cannot avoid it. Whenever a stranger is involved, that is usually the time where it is inevitable. Honestly, I force myself to keep making conversation and it turns into a real conversation, which makes the whole situation lighter and more enjoyable! I think first dates with strangers or someone you just met are the ultimate small talk situation.

Some creative conversation starters* that I saw online and remembered from personal experiences are:
1) What’s your favorite infomercial? (Honestly, I think this could go either way. Some people really like infomercials and some people could care less. I personally think a lot of infomercials are hilariously horrible and this would definitely lead to a conversation!)
2) What is the best meal you have ever eaten? (I chose this one from online because I think food can really show a person!)
3) Is the glass half empty or half full? (This can also show a person’s personality from the way they answer! Are they an optimist, a realist or an opportunist?)
4) What are your pet peeves? (More often than not, I find myself bonding with other people as we agree or disagree on certain pet peeves. It’s a great conversation starter!)

These may sound a little crazy and random but I would suggest using the typical small talk to start out with (the simple questions like, “How was your day?” or “Where are you from?”) but leading to the more creative conversation starters. It depends on you to keep the date and/or conversation moving but at least you know you will have made the date memorable with these unusual questions. If your date turns into more and you start becoming more comfortable, these questions won’t seem so strange anymore! Good luck!

P.S. If you have any quirky conversation starter tips for us, we’d love to hear them!

*For more creative conversation starters, visit: http://voices.yahoo.com/good-unusual-conversation-starters-a-2673992.html

What are some turn-offs and turn-ons of pursuing a possible relationship with someone?

Posted on: December 15th, 2012 by Executive Matchmaker Romella Battle 185 Comments

First of all, FeaturedDate would like to extend our heartfelt condolences to the victimes and families of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. Our prayers go out to each and every person who has been affected by the tragedy.

I know some people are picky about what type of person they want to get involved with. There’s someone looking for a quick, no strings attached hookup. There’s another person who wants to have a boyfriend but not even trying to look ahead to the distant future. Then there’s another person who wants to find true love and can’t wait to start thinking about the future, what house to live in, and how many children to have.

What are some turn-ons and turn-offs that you have from approaching somebody? Looking online, some top female turn-ons* top female turn-ons are: 1) a man who can make you feel like a woman (respect is a big turn-on- a man who can respect a woman and appreciate her for who she is), 2) a man who is not afraid to take charge (mental, physical or spiritual strength), 3) a successful man (needs to be able to support himself and his family; ambitious, passionate and confident!), 4) a man with a brain, a sense of humor and can hold a conversation (smart, funny, intellectually challenging!). Some top male turn-ons** are: 1) women who leave something to the imagination (women who maintain a certain degree class are more attractive than women who bare and share everything), 2) has a strong sense of self-esteem (women who can think for herself, believe in herself and has the confidence to speak her mind), 3) loves her body (confidence! Men love a woman who appreciate what she has and isn’t afraid to show it. Embrace your body!), and 4) independent women (self-sufficient, can have fun, not needy. You can live your own life and share with your man!).

Be confident, be smart. Be able to laugh at yourself! Love yourself because you are who you are meant to be. Remember that you do not need someone to feel completed, but you want someone who will love you for who you are and only make life better.

*For more top female turn-ons, visit: http://socyberty.com/sexuality/top-10-female-turn-ons/
**For more top male turn-ons, visit: http://www.articlesbase.com/advice-articles/top-10-male-turn-ons-77.html