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Still Acting Single

Posted on: June 20th, 2013 by Executive Matchmaker Romella Battle

relationship & single


A relationship is a commitment and bond shared between two people who more than likely love each other. Rather it is new love or something that is seasoned, it is a connection fulfilled by your significant other.



Though relationships are filled with a lot of good times there are challenges and trials that exist when being involved in one. With the good and the bad, one of the challenges a relationship may face is the idea of taking action when the negative fixations begin to create a problem.



Among one of the negative outbursts in a relationship, is the idea of being in one but still acting single. Believe it or not, statistics have shown an increased number in relationships going downhill because of this tactic.  Usually this will occur if one of the individuals involved in the relationship were playing two sides of the fence. At times it appears that temptation and trouble find you at a quicker rate when you are involved with someone leaving something as simple as a flirtatious conversation or a number exchange to put a damper between you and your significant other.





The bottom line is, if a person is acting single then they should really be single but if you are in a relationship the focus should be on you and your mate.






A Challenge to Your Intellect

Posted on: June 4th, 2013 by Executive Matchmaker Romella Battle


If a person you are considering dating is drop dead gorgeous but had no intellect would that matter. Would beauty ultimately win over brains


When dating someone, one of the key factors or first things a person may notice is the physical attributes of the individual they are interested in. It could be a pretty face, thin waist with hips and legs to match or a clean cut, tough body and well groomed man who takes the cake but is it the physical beauty the only thing sending you over the edge?


Statistics have shown that the physicality of a person has played a significant role for individuals when dating or looking for a significant other. Additional factors such as employment, goals in life, lifestyle, background, etc. are also other characteristics people look into but for many, the outer appearance still wins.


Usually a person’s outer beauty influences a portion of what people look for in their significant other but how much influence does it entail. Is it the physical attraction that plays such a important role when dating someone that people are blind-sided by their true character?


Has society become so shallow that it has influenced us to choose our partners solely based on looks? Personal self-esteem issues or the idea of not having someone look the par on your arm has become a major issue for some people. Setting standards when looking for a significant other is vital when dating but do you continuously choose beauty over the true character of a person?   










-C. Johnson



What’s your sexy: Men vs. Women

Posted on: May 21st, 2013 by Executive Matchmaker Romella Battle

What is the definition of sexy?Bold & Sexy

According to freedictionary.com, the definition of sexy is the arousing or tending to arouse, sexual desire or interest; highly appealing or interesting. To be sexually attracted to someone is evident when choosing a mate and this is because it is in human nature to do so. Every person has a niche or something unique which eventually will attract someone to them. Since sexy is such a broad term there are different meanings including personal preferences of what is sexy and what is not.


What do men find sexy? Men are initially attracted to the physical assets of a woman, what does she look like, what is she wearing and does she entail the physical attributes in what he is seeking. Now just because men may initially look for the physical attraction, does not automatically make them shallow because there are other characteristics they may find sexy such as self confidence, her presence, her scent and her demeanor. You will know when a man finds a woman sexy because he will make sure it’s known, not so much through words but through action.


For women “sexy” in a man has a different approach. Yes women are physically attracted to a man and look for his physical attributes but that is not always the initial object to be checked off the board. A woman may want to talk to you, have a conversation to see where your mind is and if the conversation tests out, you have just scored brownie points. Women look at your intellect, your approach, self- confidence or swag before purely focusing on your physical sexy but if you can hook a woman mentally, you are already sexy in her eyes.



Being sexy is different for each and every person which is another aspect making individuals unique. Only you know what you truly find sexy, embrace that and be proud because it will push you to grasp what you are looking for.








Meeting the Parents – When, Where, How?

Posted on: March 12th, 2013 by Executive Matchmaker Romella Battle

You’re in a serious and committed relationship with your partner. So now, when is it appropriate to introduce your significant other to your parents?


Honestly, I can’t say that there’s a certain time frame. It depends on your gut feeling and when your partner is open and comfortable with meeting your parents. Forcing your parents or your significant other to meet each other may not end well because of anxiety, awkwardness or they may just not be prepared.


Some couples may be faster than other couples but every couple is different so one cannot base it on what other couples choose to do. Some tips would be to make sure that each person is in a comfortable environment (if your parents are more of the make-dinner-at-home-for-everyone type, then invite your partner over to their house for a nice dinner!), prepare and give advance warning for both your parents and your partner, and some tips for both parties would not be a bad idea either.


What were some of your experiences? Have you had any good stories or tips to tell? Let us know!


Dating On the Phone?

Posted on: February 28th, 2013 by Executive Matchmaker Romella Battle 10 Comments

Let me shoot some personal thoughts and questions at you really quick.

Some of you may even be reading this on your smartphones right now. Smart phones are taking over the world… honestly! I know I got sucked into the smart phone hype (100% admit it but still not going to give up my iPhone5) but technology seems like it’s taking over everyone’s lives. Some people would rather text or call on the phone instead of going out and hanging out with them in REAL LIFE.

The newer generations of children are placed in the struggle. I know young toddlers that know how to operate a smart phone but can’t say full sentences yet. Isn’t that crazy?! It befuddles my mind honestly.

I know one way to communicate with someone you may have just met or just went on a date with, is to text them while you two cannot see each other in the day(s). It’s a good way of communication, I admit it. The phone and/or the Internet- emails, texts, calls, a post on her/his Facebook wall. It just seems like reality is losing its touch sometimes- especially when someone would rather do everything online instead of going out into the real world and attempting to navigate their way.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to insult the way that people are using their electronics. It’s a really convenient and free way for me to contact my family in overseas (thank you Skype) or voice-call my friends hands- free (Voxer and smart phones!) as well as keep in touch with a potential mate by sending them a quick text while running my other errands. ;)

One note though: don’t depend on your smartphone. You still need skills in the real world, everyone! :)


Did You Know?!

Posted on: February 20th, 2013 by Executive Matchmaker Romella Battle


I just wanted to share a few interesting facts about dating and relationships today! Some shocked me, some I already knew, and some were just a little bit weird….

1. Did you know speed dating was invented by a rabbi? In Los Angeles in 1999, it was created, based on a Jewish tradition of chaperoned gatherings of young Jewish singles. So if you’ve been speed dating, thank the rabbis.
2. 1 in 3 teenagers have been through violence in a dating relationship. Sadly, I’m not too shocked by this which is horrible. I have not personally experienced this but I have friends that have. It is the worst.
3. It takes between 12 to 14 dates on average, before a couple will exchange house keys. It kind of sounds like a lot of dates but I kind of think that’s moving a bit too fast…
4. On free dating sites, there are at least 10% of new accounts that are actually scammers. Not surprising… that’s what you get when you don’t offer background checks!
5. The third week of September is declared National Singles Week in the United States. Nice to know that there’s an official week designated for singles..
6. Dating specialists actually suggest that people should wait until the third date with someone to cook someone dinner at home. Kind of surprising to me because why not earlier?
7. Over 50% of all single people in America have not had a date in more than 2 years. 2 YEARS! Don’t be afraid to get out there!

I’ll reveal some more interesting facts sometime in the future… but did some facts shock you as well? Surprised? Me too…

Do You Have A LDR?

Posted on: February 17th, 2013 by Executive Matchmaker Romella Battle

LDR, meaning long distance relationship, of course! So, are you involved in a LDR?

Or maybe you want to look for a possible relationship in a different state… different country maybe? Hey, don’t knock it till you try it, right?… I personally foresee some obstacles but it could be turn out to be the adventure of your life to find the love of your life.

While browsing the Internet, I found this article that helps you keep in touch with your love across the ocean and will keep you from racking up your phone bill. Download these apps for your phone that were created specially for a more intimate environment!

1) Couple (free!): This app is geared towards couples because you can only choose one other “pair” with who you share a timeline with- you can post video messages, chat, drawings and/or photos. When you are both on the app at the same time, you can even “ThumbKiss” which is a genius feature where you can touch the screen exactly where your partner is, making both phones vibrate. Clever!
2) Skype (also free!): You can either call, instant message or video chat. It’s free for laptops, tablets and even phones! It’s better than using up your cell phone minutes! ;) However, your partner does have to be signed up on Skype for the call to be free; otherwise, there is $$ involved.
3) WhatsApp Messenger (free is the magic word!): This app is a cross-platform messenger that works across all smartphones. For example, if you have an iPhone with iMessage but your partner does not, you can’t send emoticons but this app, WhatsApp, lets you! Video, voice notes and images are also included for the low price of FREE!
4) Cartolina (costs $2 but not too bad!): Use this e-card app as an email or text message alternative. Cartolina also provides beautiful and vintage-inspired “cartogram” designs for your messages. This app also syncs with your calendar, so it reminds you of birthdays or anniversaries or other important dates that involve your partner.

I thought this article was a great idea and so helpful because I didn’t even know some of these existed to help LDRs! So useful… technology is really stepping up its game.



**I claim no credit to this article. To read more, go here: http://www.geeksugar.com/Long-Distance-Relationship-iPhone-Apps-25084471.