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Is Age Only a Number?

Posted on: June 28th, 2013 by Executive Matchmaker Romella Battle
Do you believe that love grows better with age or is it a mythical sense of thought?
Along with the list of standards, preferences are usually next in line to be evaluated when looking for a mate.  A common preference when dating is age, which has been one of the main inclinations when it comes to finding that special someone. At times the differences in age can be frowned upon when it is evident, on the display and breaking the social norm of what the majority are use to. Truth be told, the factors based on age are forever changing and exalt to different perspectives when it comes to dating outside or within specific age groups.
Younger women are dating older men and older women are looking at younger men, times are forever changing. Many may not realize it but some of the time people go outside of there age group not only to try something new but to go against the grain and step outside the comfort zone is a risk a person is willing to take to find exactly what they are looking for in a person.  Overall it is the individual preference in what a person likes or may even grow to love and at times it can be a result from a difference in age, style of dating and what you will do to go after what you want.
Some people believe in dating those who are more mature because they may have more to offer than someone who is young; such as experience, maturity and wisdom. When a person is on the younger side and fresh to the dating market and still experiencing the realm of dating, they are not use to or aware of a lot of things that a older person with more experience with dating is use to.
 Love is an emotion that is supposed to be expressive with a positive notion to share one’s feelings not discrimination in how one may feel or who or what they prefer.


When is it Enough?

Posted on: June 26th, 2013 by Executive Matchmaker Romella Battle



The in between stages of dating or getting to know a person can be a very trying time especially when a person is truly into someone.  Is it the idea of commitment that prevents a person or a couple from moving forward, the fear  of failing when trying to be the ideal mate or even the lack of confidence, these could all be possible factors when it comes to harvesting in the in between stage.


All in all there can be many reasons but staying in one stage and not moving on to the next level can become a hindrance of becoming a potential couple or not becoming one. It is natural for most people to go through different phases before moving completely into a relationship which may usually entail getting to know a person; talking and dating. 


For those who do fall victim to the in between stage, can seek ways to diminish the problem. Most importantly you must know if your opposite is aware of your feelings and you are aware of theirs as well. Being on the same page is a key factor when it comes to being in a relationship or dating and without that aspect being in the stage of the unknown can be an everlasting journey.


No one likes feeling confused and lost which is why a lot of times a person can easily grow frustrated when they want to move forward and something or someone is holding them back. These different stages toward dating are not always considered to be confusing and frustrating tactics because couples will use this time to build as a unit. Those who decide to take the certain path including the “in between” stage can use the tactic as an opportunity to learn more about one another, making it easier when it is time to move on to the bigger picture which can be a relationship or even marriage.






Taking the Lead

Posted on: June 22nd, 2013 by Executive Matchmaker Romella Battle

female lead



Men are usually looked upon for being the initiator and taking control. Whether it is a date, number exchange or an encounter toward having sex, men are constantly placed in that dominant role. So what happens if there was a twist on taking control, leaving roles to be reversed. Men, If women began taking the lead would you be as receptive or would you feel out of place?



As a female when you are interested in a man and want to go out on a date, more than likely you are waiting for him to make that step to ask you out. Even if a woman gives a hint as to what she wants, the man will more than likely be looked to take the initiating role. With changing times comes slight role reversals as well leaving women to take different steps with being the initiator. A lot of times it is stereotyped that men are not always serious when it comes to dating or going after commitment, it takes them a little more time than the average woman. For women, knowing what they want is the fire under the burner which will press them to go after what it is that they want. Now most time a woman will not chase a man down but if it is something she wants and he is not moving at a decent pace, she may have a way of altering that.



Some women are very bold and love taking that first step by making the first move. Just like men, women know exactly what they want and  at times are just as bold with their approach. Men, let’s explore this a little.. Would it catch you off guard or would you be intimidated if a woman decides it is time for her to take control and would you accept the reversal of roles?







Still Acting Single

Posted on: June 20th, 2013 by Executive Matchmaker Romella Battle

relationship & single


A relationship is a commitment and bond shared between two people who more than likely love each other. Rather it is new love or something that is seasoned, it is a connection fulfilled by your significant other.



Though relationships are filled with a lot of good times there are challenges and trials that exist when being involved in one. With the good and the bad, one of the challenges a relationship may face is the idea of taking action when the negative fixations begin to create a problem.



Among one of the negative outbursts in a relationship, is the idea of being in one but still acting single. Believe it or not, statistics have shown an increased number in relationships going downhill because of this tactic.  Usually this will occur if one of the individuals involved in the relationship were playing two sides of the fence. At times it appears that temptation and trouble find you at a quicker rate when you are involved with someone leaving something as simple as a flirtatious conversation or a number exchange to put a damper between you and your significant other.





The bottom line is, if a person is acting single then they should really be single but if you are in a relationship the focus should be on you and your mate.






The Games We Play, The Plan We Make

Posted on: June 18th, 2013 by Executive Matchmaker Romella Battle

dating for fun


Dating can be one of the most fulfilling moments toward building a relationship or it can be a constant game full of confusion, frustration and uncertainty.  Dating has its balance but at times it is hard to find a complete consensus within the different phases of the act.  Among the idea of dating lies the question of why do people date?


In most cases people date with the high expectancy of pursuing a relationship  but unfortunately there are some who date without a purpose and treat the matter as a game. Treating this action like a game can not only cause emotional damage, confusion and dismay but it leaves false pretenses in the mindset of a person. This is why some people refuse to date and others tend to date even more because they want to be sure of what they are getting themselves involved in. If you are a person looking for a serious relationship or commitment, dating a little more is not out of the norm because not everyone is in the dating pool for that reason. For those who seek the fun and enjoy the rush of dating, they run or flee from the idea of serious commitments or moving to the next level since they enjoy the idea of being single and able to mingle.



The question of dating for the progression of the future has become a debating topic because of the different aspects/approaches toward dating.



Just as other opposites, dating seriously vs. dating for fun has the pros and cons for each, which end of the line do you fall on?






Real or Not

Posted on: June 15th, 2013 by Executive Matchmaker Romella Battle











Though it may seem shallow at times, appearance can be the making or breaking point when looking for a mate. When a person is being judged solely on their looks, makes it a little more difficult for single men and women to find a mate.


For men, especially those of ethnic background, it is commonly found that these men are quick to say or speak about a cultured woman, rather it is her hair, the way she dresses or her upkeep. Most of the time the focus is channeled to her hair. Women who invest in different types of hairstyles including highlights, dying, extensions or relaxed hair, is all in an effort to please not only themselves but the society around them.


At times it may be very challenging not to give in but women should try to stop competing with the next woman, remember being a woman is beautiful so embrace that.
Men, yes standards are set for a reason but try not to dismiss a woman because her hair isn’t just how you like it or her figure is not to your liking; women are emotional and fragile, keep that in mind.


Unfortunately there will always be a complaint about something because no one is perfect yet many of us strive to be that way and look the “part.”





What is Love?

Posted on: June 13th, 2013 by Executive Matchmaker Romella Battle

hold tight 


According to about.com the definition of dating is the object of two people getting to know each other on different levels including romance. Clearly if you are dating someone it implies you are interested in more than just a friendship or a casual relationship. You are aiming to learn any and every thing about that person because there is an intention to progress as a unit instead of one. Dating is looked upon as a positive reflection but is it something that can be abused? 



New and profound love can be so refreshing and fulfilling that a person can appear to be stuck in the clouds. Along with the idea of love being so fresh and new, comes the object of affection; since the aspects of dating or being in a relationship are fresh and innovative. This is the stage where the desire or want to constantly be around a person is at an all time high.
Love can place people in such a positive aura leading them to express their feelings and emotions at all causes, even in the public eye. When love hits the air, people will know it and may even see it. Rather it’s a kiss on the cheek, a bouquet of flowers, a surprise get-a-way or romantic evening, the expression of feelings can run really deep.



Within these deep feelings, new and profound love will  seem to be one of the things a person will think about. Rather it’s your dream girl or guy, whenever you’re around them, the expression of feelings is clear in sight.