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Tapping Out

Posted on: July 2nd, 2013 by Executive Matchmaker Romella Battle


women in control


Most relationships have its ups and downs just as most things in life but when is enough just enough and there are no more ways of crossing the line? If needed, when should a person tap out and move on?


Did you know, in the United States roughly 30 to 60% of all married individuals will partake in acts of infidelity and if that’s not enough, divorce rates are just as high.


The act of cheating is not always from a physical standpoint but it is a common way of infidelity.
It is becoming more ordinary among people under the age of 30 and many believe the increase levels of cheating, stems from time spent away from a spouse. As they say, when the cat’s away the mice will play: people who spend a lot of time away from their significant other become victims to this madness. It becomes easier to develop a habit of having multiple sexual partners before getting married.


Physically it has been proven that men are more likely to cheat than women but with the increased levels of infidelity, statistics have shown  women that are financially independent begin to act more like men with respect to infidelity. It is sad to say but during times like this it almost seems challenging to trust your own partner because of the unknown.


In a relationship, trust and respect are two important and vital signs which aides a couple to move forward and progress. Along with trust, when couples reach a certain level in their relationship, expectations and dependency becomes very evident but what happens if the trust is betrayed.







Still Acting Single

Posted on: June 20th, 2013 by Executive Matchmaker Romella Battle

relationship & single


A relationship is a commitment and bond shared between two people who more than likely love each other. Rather it is new love or something that is seasoned, it is a connection fulfilled by your significant other.



Though relationships are filled with a lot of good times there are challenges and trials that exist when being involved in one. With the good and the bad, one of the challenges a relationship may face is the idea of taking action when the negative fixations begin to create a problem.



Among one of the negative outbursts in a relationship, is the idea of being in one but still acting single. Believe it or not, statistics have shown an increased number in relationships going downhill because of this tactic.  Usually this will occur if one of the individuals involved in the relationship were playing two sides of the fence. At times it appears that temptation and trouble find you at a quicker rate when you are involved with someone leaving something as simple as a flirtatious conversation or a number exchange to put a damper between you and your significant other.





The bottom line is, if a person is acting single then they should really be single but if you are in a relationship the focus should be on you and your mate.






Listen to the Heart or Follow the Mind

Posted on: June 12th, 2013 by Executive Matchmaker Romella Battle

How many times do you hear, “follow your heart and not your mind?” it is one of the most common concepts when it comes to dating, relationships or love in general. The heart vs. the mind is one of the most difficult battles you may find within yourself and one of the most difficult of situations when it comes to love.


When it comes to the heart, one of the major drives or factors  are from the emotional aspect. Emotions can be known to make or break a personal outlook of an important individual because it’s the expression of how you feel; rather good or bad, emotions tell it all. Some people can be more in tune with their feelings than others, making it very easy for them to use the heart when evaluating their feelings for someone. Though emotions are apart of the main drive of a person, they can also work against you at times. With feelings or emotions, the ability to make a person vulnerable or out of the usual  comfort zone is not a hard concept to obtain which can make things difficult when it comes to a relationship or dating. Being vulnerable and in the unknown can lead a person to confusion, frustration with the idea of waiting on the next level or next step if any. This is when confusion may begin to set in and leads a person to look at the mind for advice or what to do next.


Certain things begin to shift once the object of the mind is placed in the picture. The mind itself  is known to be more of the blunt and upfront aspect for decisions. As a shield and protector of the emotions, the mind will let a person know when enough is enough and could care less how much an individual may love a person or care for them. If the mind receives a glimpse or slight idea that you are not receiving the treatment it feels you deserves, there is no problem for the mind to shut out the emotional concept; once a mind is made up it can be difficult to change. Even as a protector, it can also play tricks, leading the person to believe in something that may not completely be what’s expected. This is why many people say expect the unexpected because at times when listening to the mind over thinking or not thinking thoroughly can occur.


As the idea of dating or being in a relationship approaches finding balance between the emotional point and the will of a strong mind is the best way to sort through the overall journey as a whole. In a relationship or in the object of love, these two strong accessories will battle at times but it’s up to you to discover which side you will listen to.








Lack of Emotional Intimacy

Posted on: May 29th, 2013 by Executive Matchmaker Romella Battle
Where does your emotional intimacy lie?

Where does your emotional intimacy lie?


Emotional intimacy has been crowned as one of the key factors to a successful relationship.


This method takes place when the levels of communication and trust are in sync with one another, which can be seen as a positive or negative. When distributed correctly, the result of great emotional intimacy brings a realm of bliss to a relationship. The lack of emotional intimacy can lead to the destruction and failure of a relationship and this is because, the couple are not on the same level and willing to work together.


Majority of the time, emotional intimacy is confused with physical intimacy (physicality) which brings forth a lot of miscommunication and false interpretation in a relationship. Naturally people can confuse the two by connecting the idea of sharing something personal between two people. The confusion leads to the gateway of failure and lack of one or the other i.e. high divorce rates, uncommitted relationships, lack of trust, etc.


Though it is different, physical attraction and physical intimacy are important factors within a romantic relationship as well but sometimes it overshadows the importance of emotional intimacy. Yes the physical aspect in a relationship is key but a lack of emotion will truly leave a bond high and dry.


When a relationship represents extensive levels of communication, love, loyalty, trust and understanding allows a couple to contribute to their most special feelings with one another; building their different levels of intimacy rather it is physical or emotional.


Believe it or not to be emotional connection with someone takes a lot. You have to be secure within yourself and be in tune with the emotions, thoughts, flaws and all because without it, a connection with someone else is almost impossible. By doing this, it will bring you to a level where you are able to share and connect with your significant other all by building your emotional levels of intimacy.