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Jun 22

Taking the Lead

Posted by Executive Matchmaker Romella Battle

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Men are usually looked upon for being the initiator and taking control. Whether it is a date, number exchange or an encounter toward having sex, men are constantly placed in that dominant role. So what happens if there was a twist on taking control, leaving roles to be reversed. Men, If women began taking the lead would you be as receptive or would you feel out of place?



As a female when you are interested in a man and want to go out on a date, more than likely you are waiting for him to make that step to ask you out. Even if a woman gives a hint as to what she wants, the man will more than likely be looked to take the initiating role. With changing times comes slight role reversals as well leaving women to take different steps with being the initiator. A lot of times it is stereotyped that men are not always serious when it comes to dating or going after commitment, it takes them a little more time than the average woman. For women, knowing what they want is the fire under the burner which will press them to go after what it is that they want. Now most time a woman will not chase a man down but if it is something she wants and he is not moving at a decent pace, she may have a way of altering that.



Some women are very bold and love taking that first step by making the first move. Just like men, women know exactly what they want and  at times are just as bold with their approach. Men, let’s explore this a little.. Would it catch you off guard or would you be intimidated if a woman decides it is time for her to take control and would you accept the reversal of roles?







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