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Jan 24

The core of the problem

Posted by Executive Matchmaker Romella Battle

This post is our lesson from yesterday when there were 24 days left until Valentine’s Day! Here’s another lesson from our love matchmaker, Romella.

Lesson 3: Identify the core of the problem: Contrary to what many people believe, a great percentage of how we interact with our mate in a relationship is a learned behavior. It is conditioned by what we have seen and heard throughout our early years of growing into an adult. Behavior can be picked up both consciously and unconsciously through the people and environment that we were raised in.

Now understand this: these behavior patterns don’t necessarily have to be bad. They may of course be good, although when you intertwine your behavior with someone that conflicts with your own relationship beliefs. Then that’s when the conflict occurs. Remember, no matter how your previous relationships ended, you share some responsibility for its failure. One of the key things we must do is spend time preparing for our ultimate ideal mate. This really means just taking the time to identify what it is you really want from a relationship, what kind of partner might give you that in a relationship, as well as identifying any patterns from the past that may lead back to a faulty destination.


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