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Jan 15

Top 5 Online Dating Site Trends

Posted by Executive Matchmaker Romella Battle

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The newest trends in online dating sites are the following:

1) More Hookups. (Last year online, there were more than 17 million people that tried to cyberflirt their way to a love connection. More sites. More people. More opportunities to have that first date kiss.)
2) Niche Markets. (There are at least 92 million single Americans. There are dating sites that people go to and where there’s less people, there’s a chance that you will meet someone that has more in common with you.)
3) Tasting Different Flavors. (There are successful sites like Jewish Singles “JDate” that can prove that ethnic-specific dating sites really do have a market!)
4) The Rise of Non-Date Dating Sites (Facebook is basically a dating site as it is to a social network. Mashable actually asked readers the question “which social network is most likely to get you laid?” and Facebook came in with 800 votes, 2nd to Myspace.)
5) Online Again, Offline Again. (There is an increasing number of online sites from offline communities like high school and university alumni groups. Such sites, like reunion.com or classmates.com. help you specify dating preferences and therefore helping you meet a possible partner online and offline.

Do you have anything to add that YOU think should be on this list?? Let me know by leaving a comment! :)
***This information came from this article: http://mashable.com/2008/09/11/online-dating-site-trends/. Credit given to them.
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