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Mar 1

What Colors Attract Men?

Posted by Executive Matchmaker Romella Battle

In the bird world, males are typically attracted to more vibrant colors than the female species.  Peacocks, drakes, roosters, etc., all use their colors to get the girl and set themselves apart from the competition.  If you have ever watched a group of courting peacocks fan their tails to impress the ladies, you know what a colorful show it can be.

So can we take a page from Mother Nature and use color to attract a guy?


In fact, there have been studies done on which colors produce the most favorable results in the dating world. These include:

Pink cocktail dress Pink:  Pink is just for little girls?  It’s not.  In several studies, pink scored highest with men because it’s seen as feminine and ultra-girly.  One woman I know who did an unscientific study reported that when she wore soft pink to a bar recently, she had more drinks bought for her that night than when she’d worn any other color.  She plans to repeat the experiment, just to be sure, LOL!
Peach Cocktail Dress Peach/Coral: Coming a close second were soft orange colors, because they closely resemble pink.  If you have cool coloring, wear pink.  If you have warm coloring, wear peach or coral.
Red Dress Red: Red is the color of romance and passion and is very popular with strong men looking for a challenge. Weak men tend to shy away from women who wear red, seeing them as headstrong and overpowering.  If you love the color red, be careful — the wrong shade can overpower you or highlight skin imperfections.  Chose your shade with care.
Blue Maxi Dress Blue: Blue is the most popular color in the world and is a symbol of business, strength, and trust.  Both men and women respond well to it.  If you happen to have blue eyes, match the color of your clothes to the color of your eyes and you’ll draw men to you like flies.
Green Cocktail Dress Green: Dark greens like emerald and forest tend to be seen as more business-like while light greens like lime and chartreuse tend to be seen as fun and flirty.  Note of caution: the lighter, yellow-based greens work best with warm skin tones.  If you have cool coloring, stick with the darker blue-based greens instead.
Black Cocktail Dress Black: Black is the color of both bad guys and the clergy, and tends to evoke mystery when worn by a woman.  If you have cool undertones, try black or dark gray; if you have warm undertones, try dark brown instead.
Gold cocktail dress Gold: Wearing gold projects a warmth that most men admire, but it’s best suited to women with warm undertones.
Silver cocktail dress Silver: Silver is seen as elegant and is the one color most associated with “cool” blondes.  Wear it if you have cool undertones.


So what colors don’t men like?


  • Purple
  • Lavender
  • Turquoise


Like pink, these colors are thought of as girly, but unlike pink, they don’t evoke as favorable a response.  If you feel the need to wear them, do so in small doses.


Now obviously, you may or may not be thinking about how to attract a man when you’re standing in front of your closet trying to decide what to wear in the morning, but if you are in the market for a guy – or trying to keep things new and interesting with your current guy – keep these color likes and dislikes in mind.


Just remember to save the girly colors and light pastels for after business hours – they’re NOT “power” colors.


For day wear or business wear, try blue, black, green or red.  For casual weekends, try pink, peach, red, blue or green.  For evening, opt for pink, black, gold, and silver.  You may not be “strutting your stuff” like a peacock, but you may be surprised by how well you’re treated.  Try it yourself and see!

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