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May 21

What’s your sexy: Men vs. Women

Posted by Executive Matchmaker Romella Battle

What is the definition of sexy?Bold & Sexy

According to freedictionary.com, the definition of sexy is the arousing or tending to arouse, sexual desire or interest; highly appealing or interesting. To be sexually attracted to someone is evident when choosing a mate and this is because it is in human nature to do so. Every person has a niche or something unique which eventually will attract someone to them. Since sexy is such a broad term there are different meanings including personal preferences of what is sexy and what is not.


What do men find sexy? Men are initially attracted to the physical assets of a woman, what does she look like, what is she wearing and does she entail the physical attributes in what he is seeking. Now just because men may initially look for the physical attraction, does not automatically make them shallow because there are other characteristics they may find sexy such as self confidence, her presence, her scent and her demeanor. You will know when a man finds a woman sexy because he will make sure it’s known, not so much through words but through action.


For women “sexy” in a man has a different approach. Yes women are physically attracted to a man and look for his physical attributes but that is not always the initial object to be checked off the board. A woman may want to talk to you, have a conversation to see where your mind is and if the conversation tests out, you have just scored brownie points. Women look at your intellect, your approach, self- confidence or swag before purely focusing on your physical sexy but if you can hook a woman mentally, you are already sexy in her eyes.



Being sexy is different for each and every person which is another aspect making individuals unique. Only you know what you truly find sexy, embrace that and be proud because it will push you to grasp what you are looking for.








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