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Jun 26

When is it Enough?

Posted by Executive Matchmaker Romella Battle



The in between stages of dating or getting to know a person can be a very trying time especially when a person is truly into someone.  Is it the idea of commitment that prevents a person or a couple from moving forward, the fear  of failing when trying to be the ideal mate or even the lack of confidence, these could all be possible factors when it comes to harvesting in the in between stage.


All in all there can be many reasons but staying in one stage and not moving on to the next level can become a hindrance of becoming a potential couple or not becoming one. It is natural for most people to go through different phases before moving completely into a relationship which may usually entail getting to know a person; talking and dating. 


For those who do fall victim to the in between stage, can seek ways to diminish the problem. Most importantly you must know if your opposite is aware of your feelings and you are aware of theirs as well. Being on the same page is a key factor when it comes to being in a relationship or dating and without that aspect being in the stage of the unknown can be an everlasting journey.


No one likes feeling confused and lost which is why a lot of times a person can easily grow frustrated when they want to move forward and something or someone is holding them back. These different stages toward dating are not always considered to be confusing and frustrating tactics because couples will use this time to build as a unit. Those who decide to take the certain path including the “in between” stage can use the tactic as an opportunity to learn more about one another, making it easier when it is time to move on to the bigger picture which can be a relationship or even marriage.






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